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7 Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Talking about erectile dysfunction, you can not but mention how it works. The male organ consists of several cavernous bodies, or, more simply, «sponges». When there is sexual excitement, blood actively enters cavernous bodies, filling their numerous cisterns. «Sponges» increase in size and harden. In this case, mechanically, due to increase in volume, channels for the outflow of venous blood from cavernous bodies are closed, this is also facilitated by reflex spasm of muscles in the base of the organ. Enlargement and hardening are maintained until the signal from the nervous system is sent to release the blood the empty sponges. It is not difficult to guess that the brain sends such signals only after the fact that the process is finished – after ejaculation.


There can be several reasons for this system failure. Violated is either regulation of the process (both on the level of the nervous system and of sex hormones), or stages of blood filling and retention in cavernous bodies. Luckily, in recent years it has been proved: a significant part of cases of erectile dysfunction is associated not with organic factors, but with the emotions of a man. These causes are called psychogenic and are much easier to treat. Especially it concerns young men. Delicate nature of the problem has led to the fact that information about erectile dysfunction is spread via the grapevine and is surrounded by myths.

Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Myth 1. Problems with Erection – the Lot of Men after 50, if They Occur in Younger Ones – Give up All Hope

Very often, the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological trauma. This scenario affects men of any age, and among young people, this is the most common cause of sexual problems. It is enough to fail once to develop the so-called «failure expectation syndrome»: a man next time tries to control his erection so that he does not repeat blunders. The head, in this case, should not be involved, say Canadian Family Pharmacy sex therapists, and they are thousand times right. Those waiting to fail – will fail, there is a vicious circle. Fortunately, psychogenic impotence is absolutely reversible – sex therapists advise to undergo several psych training courses and get a permanent partner who will not pay attention to such one-time problems.

Myth 2. If You Have Prostatitis, You are Almost Impotent

Advertisement obsessively binds chronic prostatitis with the imminent development of impotence. Therefore, after hearing such a diagnosis, men panic and begin not only to treat prostatitis but also try to strengthen erection. That’s where take advantage of sellers of dietary supplements and various vacuum masseurs. In reality, the situation is different: prostatitis, of course, can cause impotence, but not as often as it is written about. It is necessary to treat it, but not just for the sake of victories in bed.

Myth 3. Absence of Morning Erection is the First Sign of Impotence

All men are different, in some morning erections are almost non-existent, while they lead full sex life. In addition, the law about mandatory erection every morning nature has never created. If erection during sexual intercourse is okay, but in the morning it does not appear, you should not worry. If you notice that erection weakens both in the early morning, and during intimacy, it won’t hurt to contact a specialist.

Myth 4. All Men after 70 Years of Age are Impotent

Such an opinion exists in vain. Part of statistics may be related to the problem of finding a suitable partner, which it would be necessary. And so pensioners are still on-the-go. According to various authors, «the form» is kept by 30 to 50% of those who are over 70.

Myth 5. Men Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction are Unable to Conceive Children

Or are able to produce only children with various abnormalities. On this subject, studies were carried out that did not reveal a clear connection between the violation of erectile function and decrease in capacity for fertilization. Indirect one was found, but it is primarily due to violation of the function of spermatozoa because of long-term chronic prostatitis and the age of men complaining of sexual weakness.

Myth 6. The reaction of a Woman to Failure in Bed will Necessarily be Negative

According to Canadian Family Pharmacy psychologists, women who are faced with male’s sexual weakness rarely react negatively. They are rather awakened by maternal instinct, desire to support a man, to calm him down and give him one more chance. In addition, a woman simply has to prove to herself that she evokes the desire of a man, and will make every effort.

Myth 7. Treatment is Useless, Erectile Dysfunction is Once and for All

Today, there are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction – from psychotherapy and taking medications to injection methods (when a medicine is injected directly into the penis) and prosthetics of the penis. Consistent application of all methods by principle from the smaller to the larger normalizes sexual activity in 98% of men who have heard a diagnosis of impotence.

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