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Category: Erectile Dysfunction

Generic Levitra – Basic Information

Generic Levitra is a copy of the original drug directed to treat erectile dysfunction. This drug is produced on the basis of brand product technology, accurately repeating its composition and providing identical effectiveness and properties. Here on My Canadian Pharmacy, an online pharmacy, you can learn everything about generic Levitra – instructions for use, price, customer reviews and doctors will help you make the right decision. Levitra, which you can read below, has gained considerable popularity among all men worldwide as a powerful safe means with consistently high results. Like famous Viagra, Levitra’s active ingredient – Vardenafil successfully copes with […]

How does Smoking Influences Potency and Prostate?

It is scientifically proven that there is a relationship between smoking and sexual problems. It is noted that the more a man smokes, the more often he has problems in sexual life. Despite the fact that My Canadian Pharmacy studies have shown a serious impact of cigarette smoke on men over 35 years old, young men should also think about dangers to health. A temporary absence of problems is explained by the fact that at a young age, testosterone is produced in more quantity. How do cigarettes affect potency? Absorption of nicotine in the process of smoking leads to vascular […]