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FAQWhat modern technologies and methods of rehabilitation are used in the center?

White Sands is equipped with the most modern means of rehabilitation for patients. We have physical rehabilitation classes, special suits, various simulators (load simulators, simulators for mechanotherapy, Verticalizer, etc.), hardware and software complex for video analysis of movements, interactive virtual reality system. Out experts use new methods and technologies, such as immersion therapy, physiotherapy exercises and breathing restoration with the help of yoga, artificial correction of movements and others. For more information about the work of the clinic, contact us directly.

Who can get your medical services?

Any person who needs physical therapy, regardless of age, living in Florida, may get medical care in our medical center.

I do not know how to choose the right specialist to get professional advice. What should I do?

You can contact our center by phone and the operator will help determine whose advice you need.

Why are there so many websites knowing as My Canadian Pharmacy?

It is a fact that there are so many websites working under this brand name. The only problem is to find the “main” website from which other originate. We may cope with this problem recommending you www.oxavi.org. This website is reliable and can really help you improve your health with high-quality generic medications.

Is it possible to call the doctor?

In some cases this is possible, check with the administrator of the center for details.

Can you specify the appointment time?

Doctors of White Sands accept patients in the opening hours of the center (9am – 6pm), by appointment. You may specify details by calling the administrator.

How can I pay for the services provided?

You can pay by cash, credit card and bank transfer.

What medicines are used in your clinic?

We use the medications supplied by our trusted partner – My Canadian Pharmacy, so we can guarantee the best quality of all drugs.

Why are your services are cheap?

A large volume of services provided allows us to set low prices.

Can I choose a doctor?

Each case will be considered individually. White Sands employs only highly qualified specialists with extensive experience. These doctors are very busy and can not always free themselves at the request of a particular patient. However, we can tell you in advance the name of the doctor who will accept you.

Can I plan the number of hospitalization days?

It is possible to estimate the length of hospitalization for some procedures. However, for obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee that hospitalization will be limited to this period.

What happens if I have to stay under observation longer than planned?

The medical center is prepared to provide care after the completion of treatment, including a long stay in the clinic.

Will I stay in a special department or with other patients?

Your stay at the medical center depends on the procedure that you underwent. You may spend some time in the same department with other patients.