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How does Smoking Influences Potency and Prostate?

It is scientifically proven that there is a relationship between smoking and sexual problems. It is noted that the more a man smokes, the more often he has problems in sexual life. Despite the fact that My Canadian Pharmacy studies have shown a serious impact of cigarette smoke on men over 35 years old, young men should also think about dangers to health. A temporary absence of problems is explained by the fact that at a young age, testosterone is produced in more quantity.

How do cigarettes affect potency? Absorption of nicotine in the process of smoking leads to vascular disease. As a result, atherosclerosis can develop, vessels become blocked, and their walls become brittle. Vessels of the pelvis and genital organs may suffer from atherosclerosis.

Effect of nicotine on potency is due to violation of blood flow in the penis, which leads to erectile dysfunction. From this, it follows that already existing problems with erection in the future will only worsen from year to year.

A number of cigarettes smoked during a day also affects potency. Experience of smoker aggravates the situation. Certainly, heredity and individual qualities of the organism features. Doctors note a significant increase in the number of people who have come with problems with potency. Of course, not only smoking has a detrimental effect on health problems, but the relationship between potency and smoking is a scientifically proven argument.

Heavy smokers risk acquiring such a disease as prostatitis. Especially it concerns those who like to combine cigarettes and alcohol. Smoking leads to stagnant processes in prostate due to worsening of blood circulation and venous outflow from it. As the level of testosterone decreases with smoking and immunity weakens, all conditions for a disease such as chronic prostatitis are created.

smoking and erectile function

My Canadian Pharmacy figured out how smoking affects prostatitis if the disease is already there. This harmful habit greatly complicates the process of treating the disease. It contributes to its aggravation. With existing prostate disease, you should try to at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, then the effect of treatment will increase significantly, and symptoms will begin to weaken. Full refusal from smoking and other bad habits with the proper attitude to sexual life will allow you to completely forget about such a disease as prostatitis.

Weed and Erection

Speaking of smoking, people usually mean tobacco, but also the number of other drugs – including marijuana, anasha, hashish, etc. are consumed this way.

How does smoking weed affect the body of a man? If the main «chemical weapon» of tobacco is nicotine, then cannabis and its derivatives are characterized by cannabinoids.

Lungs, heart, brain, psyche and reproductive system are most affected. Negative influence on the brain is expressed in a decrease in the ability to learn and remember information. Smoking weed leads to mental disorders. Bodies of human breathing when using narcotic drugs are at risk of acquiring serious diseases. Possibility of getting lung cancer increases significantly. The cardiac and circulatory system is seriously damaged.

The reproductive system suffers most from smoking cannabis and marijuana:

  • smoking weed leads to a sharp decline in testosterone;
  • suppression of reproductive function occurs. Sperm deteriorates due to a decrease in the number and mobility of spermatozoa;
  • long-term smoking weed leads to decrease in testicle density. This affects the decrease in their ability to produce hormones and sperm. In the end, avid weed smokers risk to become an asexual being;
  • use of weed, like ordinary smoking, negatively affects potency, it is associated with deterioration in the quality of blood vessels and violation of blood flow.

Consequences of systematic weed smoking are decreased sexual desire, loss of ability to receive satisfaction from sex, possibly the development of gynecomastia (female breast). In the end, this can lead to infertility.

Smoking Hookah, Nicotine and Erectile Dysfunction

Results of the Canadian Pharmacy study on the influence of hookah on potency will not please fans of oriental entertainment. Despite common misconception, smoking hookah is no less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes. Moreover, the filter of quality cigarettes detains harmful substances even better than hookah.

At the beginning of the abuse of hookah smoking, negative effect on potency is almost imperceptible. However, regular smoking hookah, in the amount of 2 – 3 times a week, eventually leads to sexual impotence.

Harm from a smoking hookah can appear not in a month or two, but after years. So, oriental entertainment is not as harmless as it might seem at first glance.

Influence of Electronic Cigarettes on Men’s Health

Those who want to quit face a lot of problems. The main one is nicotine addiction. It is difficult to give up the habit in the circle of smoking friends, a lunch break is also difficult to imagine without a cigarette. So, many resorts to the «electronic version» of cigarettes.

Concerning the harmfulness of electronic analogs, there are many disputes. The very process of smoking is very similar to smoking conventional cigarettes, and steam of electronic substitutes still contains nicotine and alkaloids, which seriously harm the body. Therefore, the negative effect of electronic cigarettes on potency remains.

A positive aspect of electronic substitutes is the absence of harmful products formed as a result of combustion. This is resin, acetone, ammonia, tar, tobacco tar and other dangerous elements, to which the human body is exposed during normal smoking.

Conclusion: Electronic cigarettes are harmful to the body, in particular, the reproductive system of a man, but, undoubtedly, to a lesser degree than usual.

Does Potency Improve After Quitting?

Is there an improvement in potency after quitting? Most doctors agree that it is necessary to get rid of the bad habit in order to restore erection. My Canadian Pharmacy studies have shown that if to avoid smoking 7 – 8 hours before sex, potency is markedly improved. Nevertheless, for the final restoration of male health, you must quit smoking altogether.

According to the results of one experiment, heavy smokers with potency problems refused to smoke. After 6 – 7 weeks, a third of them had improvement (recovery in case of loss) of erectile function without additional medication.

Restoration of potency after quitting smoking is observed not only in young men but also in people of 45 years and over, experiencing erectile dysfunction.

The process of quitting can be a problem. Physical shortage of nicotine leads to absent-mindedness, irritability and excessive appetite. This can also initially affect the quality of sex. However, it is necessary to overcome a craving for smoking and restore potency will not take long.

The interrelation of smoking and potency in men is unequivocal, the more experience of the smoker, the more difficult it is to get rid of obsession, the greater the harm is already done to health. Do not wait, when problems with potency will make themselves obvious. It is necessary to get rid of addictive habit as soon as possible in order not to have further problems in the sexual sphere and with health in general.

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