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First Visit

How to prepare for your first visit to our clinic?

Your first visit to White Sands

If you have never been at White Sands medical center before but are going to visit it, this information will be useful to you.


All specialists of the clinic work on an individual schedule. All consultations of doctors are carried out by appointment. You can sign up by calling the specified phone number or by contacting the clinic’s registry in person. Please note: making an appointment by phone is possible during the opening hours of the clinic: 9am-6pm (Sunday – day off)

Registration of a new patient

It is necessary to apply to the clinic’s registry 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled consultation time in order to issue all necessary documents. When you first visit our clinic, you must have an ID to conclude an agreement on the provision of paid medical services. For further visits, an ID is not required. When a minor patient applies, a contract is concluded with a legal representative (parent, guardian, custodian, or person under a power of attorney issued by a legal representative). Further visits to specialists of White Sands are also possible only when accompanied by a legal representative.

Before seeing a doctor, you must sign an informed consent to the processing of personal data and informed consent to medical services. In addition, the administrator makes up your electronic medical card in a specialized program. You will be asked to provide an e-mail address and a telephone number (at your discretion) so that the clinic is able to remind you about the scheduled consultations and send you the results of analyzes in electronic form, inform you about promotions, schedule changes, discounts for drugs from My Canadian Pharmacy, etc.

Reception hours

You should not be in a hurry when going to the clinic, otherwise, you may start to get nervous and you will hardly be able to talk to the doctor normally. Check in advance the reception hours of all specialists in order to approach the required office in advance.

Suitable clothing

You should wear suitable clothes so that you are able to take it off easily. This is especially important if you are going to visit several doctors.

Inner order rules

White Sands Physical Therapy has internal regulations that are observed by both the clinic staff and our dear patients. The rules are designed and implemented to create and maintain an atmosphere of comfort and convenience, as well as to ensure compliance with the order necessary for the effective and successful operation of the medical organization in the provision of medical services.

Payment for services

Dear patients! All services of our clinic are paid. You can get acquainted with the prices for services by calling us. You can pay for our services in the following ways:

  • In cash;
  • Bank card;
  • Money transfer.

Theoretical training

If you go to specialists, get ready to be asked in detail about your condition, what treatment was received, etc. Try to remember all this in advance. If necessary, write something down. Formulate your questions to the doctor in advance.

That’s all – you are ready to go to the clinic!