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Greg: “White Sands is a very good medical center! I have visited it several times. I like everything. Always attentive and positive doctors, which is very important. Thank you very much!”

Will: “Mildred Santos is the most caring doctor in this clinic. Attentive, polite, and competent! He knows absolutely everything! Always listens to me, gives competent advice!”

Sara: “Pleasant, positive, qualified doctor. Always very attentive, careful. You feel that you are in safe hands.”

Tom: “I would like to express my gratitude to James Marra for conscientious work! It was nice to get an appointment with a real specialist. Goodwill and attentiveness, detailed comments on treatment. And I would also like to say thank you very much to Linda Gibson, assistant, for her sensitive attitude to patients. I wish you success in your work!”

Kate: “Mildred Santos is always in the mood and patient-oriented, he will always listen and prescribe treatment. Great thanks to him.”

Elisa: “James Marra is the best physical therapist. Very kind, sympathetic, is explains everything in simple words. Good specialist, skilled doctor, great team! Contact him, you will not regret!”

Peter: “Many thanks to Renee Grimes for attention, for responsiveness, for kindness. The best doctor ever!”

Ella: “I express my gratitude to Mallory Cotne for her professionalism, literacy and ability to find an individual approach to each patient. Besides, she is a wonderful person who will find warm and kind words for everyone and will always meet a patient with a smile. Mallory Cotne, thank you so much for the warmth that you give us, for kindness and a warm smile. And also because your recommendations always helped us. Thanks a lot!”

Mischa: “Renee Grimes is an excellent doctor who knows her job and a highly qualified specialist. She is a person with a kind heart, she fully devotes all her strength, skills and ability, all her love and care to all her patients at White Sands, without exception. Thank you very much for your help!”

Elizabeth: “I want to thank James Marra. It is good to know that the doctor will always meet you with a sweet smile and cordiality, he will carefully consider your problems and prescribe the necessary treatment. Drugs from My Canadian Pharmacy helped me very quickly. During procedures, she controls everything, constantly asking about how I feel. I addressed Dr. James for various problems and I send all my acquaintances to him. Thank you for your work!”

Izabelle: “I express my gratitude to the staff of the medical center “White Sands” for the qualified assistance, sensitive attitude, and especially to Mildred Santos.”

Jose: “The center is small, but I was pleased. The price level is quite acceptable in comparison with other clinics. I want to advise everyone to contact Mallory Cotne. She knows her job well, her recommendations and the prescribed treatment helped me well. My mother and sister were also pleased. Moreover, we live very close.”

Steve: “The atmosphere in the clinic is pleasant. The rooms are clean and fresh. The staff is helpful and polite, especially Cheryl Harding. She is a real specialist! Always comprehensive approach. In general, a nice, caring person. I thank White Sands for the high-level service.”