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Testosterone and Potency

Latin word «potent» means «having power, ability and influence». The potency is an opportunity to have sexual intercourse. At the same time, it is considered normal when a man keeps an erection (excitation) during the whole sexual intercourse – from the beginning to the end.

Issues of potency are considered almost the main thing in a man’s life. After all, the inner state of mind and physical health of a man depends on how much it is realized in sexual life. Weak potency or its absence (erectile dysfunction) can radically change the character of a man.

High Testosterone – High Potency

Testosterone is a sex hormone, determining factor in man’s potency. My Canadian Pharmacy scientists have proved that in men with a high level of androgen, sexual «appetite» is more pronounced than in owners of normal or low levels of the sex hormone. And that’s why the amount of testosterone should worry the true man.

testesterone and ED

Interesting fact

Carpenter Wolfgang B. from the German town Nuremberg, whose testosterone level exceeded the norm by 20 times! often had 10 sexual acts per day with different women, whom he brought to complete exhaustion. Because of constant complaints about unquenchable sexual desire, distracting him from work and other matters, the sex giant was found to be disabled and sent to retire at twenty-nine. With his sexual dependence, Wolfgang B. turned to doctors and tried to cure the disorder, but all to no avail.

What Affects Potency?

  • Stress. In a state of depression or chronic stress, a man loses his ability to perform sexual intercourse. And, at first there is a periodic weakening of potency, and then complete impotence.
  • Incompatibility with a partner. Sometimes the possible cause is psychological discomfort between sexual partners. Here everything is simple – you should switch to another sexual object, and everything will work out.
  • Chronic diseases. Various diseases also poorly reflected on men’s health. For potency especially dangerous are inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, diabetes, neuralgia, cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders.
  • Injuries. Injuries can lead to damage to the spine, spinal cord, genitals. Overcooling, or overheating of the male organ also leads to impotence.
  • Smoking. Nicotine disrupts blood circulation and narrows vessels, which can contribute to insufficient flow of blood to the penis.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol reduces the production of testosterone and slows its transport into blood, which leads to weak erection or its complete absence.
  • Unbalanced nutrition. Excess weight or obesity reduces the level of the male sex hormone and produces female hormone – estrogen.

Where to Get Testosterone?

There are two ways. The first is to introduce artificial hormone. These are pills or injections. Testosterone level is normalized, and a man really starts to noticeably feel better. But here it is important to know that after stopping taking such drugs, there will be a sharp drop in your own testosterone. This happens because injected testosterone from outside «tells» the brain that the level of the hormone is OK, and pituitary gland «gives the command» to no longer producing testosterone. The chain of natural hormone production is disrupted.

The second way, it is more effective – to activate your own testosterone. Testosterone in the body of a man is in two states: «bound» – about 98% of the total level and «free» – 2%. It is the free active testosterone that affects potency. In medical practice, natural drugs are widely used that can convert «bound» hormone into a free state.

Interesting fact

This is surprising, but My Canadian Pharmacy scientists have found a relationship between the length of the ring finger and the amount of testosterone in the body. The longer the ring finger, the higher testosterone level in a man.

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